Bible Study Lessons: Throw Out the Lifeline

James Huggins' 111 Sermon Charts




                 by James Huggins


                                     Many consider preaching from charts the old-fashioned way of preaching.     It worked!


                                     Many more obeyed the gospel than do so from modern preaching.

You don't have to print big charts.    You can print 8 x 5 inch copies.    If the weekly bulletin is distributed at the building, a copy of the chart can be placed in each one.    Or copies can be placed in the song book racks.     Or they can simply be handed out.     Or transparencies can be made and by means of an overhead projector [or computer projector], be displayed on a big screen or a wall.


                                     A chart lets hearers see the sermon at the same time they hear the sermon. Visual aids have proven to be of great value in teaching. Preachers need all the help possible!



I began preaching in 1947. I have had some of these charts almost that long. Charts were used in many gospel meetings. When I saw a chart I always made a copy. I did not think to record the preacher's name. I wish I had. Then I could give credit where credit is due. Some of these are

original with me. However, I do not remember the makers of the really good ones.


                                     Lastly, I hope you enjoy using these charts and that you have good success!   This book of sermon charts has been put into print to keep these charts from passing out of existence at my death. I am now 83.





                                                                          James Huggins