var title="JOSEPH'S BROTHERS IN EGYPT"; var title2="Bible Event #13"; var lesson="Bible Event #13"; var specialpic="ss13/test.jpg"; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; var max=20; var i=0; var t=20; questions=new Array(21); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; CorrectAns=new Array(21); Explanation=new Array(21); ErrorQues=new Array(21); AnsQues1=new Array(21);//////////// AnsQues2=new Array(21); AnsQues3=new Array(21); AnsQues4=new Array(21); CorrectAns[1]="d"; Explanation[1]="through Abraham. "; CorrectAns[2]="b"; Explanation[2]="Mamre. "; CorrectAns[3]="a"; Explanation[3]="Eliezer, servant to Abraham. "; CorrectAns[4]="b"; Explanation[4]="False. "; CorrectAns[5]="a"; Explanation[5]="True. "; CorrectAns[6]="d"; Explanation[6]="many sheep, goats, cattle and respect from the people. "; CorrectAns[7]="b"; Explanation[7]="three (3). "; CorrectAns[8]="b"; Explanation[8]="False. "; CorrectAns[9]="b"; Explanation[9]="one year. "; CorrectAns[10]="c"; Explanation[10]="Abraham: 99; Sarah: 89. "; CorrectAns[11]="a"; Explanation[11]="laughed. "; CorrectAns[12]="a"; Explanation[12]="Isaac. "; CorrectAns[13]="d"; Explanation[13]="Abraham and Hagar. "; CorrectAns[14]="a"; Explanation[14]="Ishmael made fun of Sarah's son. "; CorrectAns[15]="b"; Explanation[15]="False. "; CorrectAns[16]="b"; Explanation[16]="sacrifice him on a hill that God would show. "; CorrectAns[17]="a"; Explanation[17]=""+speechstr+"Where is the animal for sacrifice?"+speechstr+". "; CorrectAns[18]="a"; Explanation[18]="True. "; CorrectAns[19]="a"; Explanation[19]="God. "; CorrectAns[20]="c"; Explanation[20]="Among the promises God did promise Abraham and his descendants a land that He would show him."; ErrorQues[1]="Another promise was that all families of the earth would be blessed _?_"; AnsQues1[1]="by Abraham's sword"; AnsQues2[1]="by Ismael and his descendants"; AnsQues3[1]="by the mountain Ararat"; AnsQues4[1]="through Abraham"; ErrorQues[2]="For many years Abraham and Sarah (his wife) lived at ___?__, near Hebron."; AnsQues1[2]="Jerusalem"; AnsQues2[2]="Mamre"; AnsQues3[2]="Ur"; AnsQues4[2]="Rome"; ErrorQues[3]="Abraham and Sarah had no children. So Abraham asked God if he could adopt _?_"; AnsQues1[3]="Eliezer, servant to Abraham"; AnsQues2[3]="Isaac"; AnsQues3[3]="Lot, his nephew"; AnsQues4[3]="Noah"; ErrorQues[4]="God told Abraham it would be okay to adopt a son to be his heir and to inherit the promises of God."; AnsQues1[4]="True"; AnsQues2[4]="False"; AnsQues3[4]="Not in Bible"; AnsQues4[4]="Do not remember"; ErrorQues[5]="God told Abraham to look at the stars. He would have more descendants than all the stars in the heavens."; AnsQues1[5]="True"; AnsQues2[5]="False"; AnsQues3[5]="Not in Bible"; AnsQues4[5]="Do not remember"; ErrorQues[6]="God blessed Abraham as a person by giving him _?_"; AnsQues1[6]="fifty dollars a month"; AnsQues2[6]="wells of water, rich and sweet"; AnsQues3[6]="three wives to help him keep order in his life"; AnsQues4[6]="many sheep, goats, cattle and respect from the people"; ErrorQues[7]="One day Abraham looked up and saw how many men coming to visit his tent."; AnsQues1[7]="forty (40)"; AnsQues2[7]="three (3)"; AnsQues3[7]="ten (10)"; AnsQues4[7]=" none (0)"; ErrorQues[8]="Abraham and Sarah refused to offer them anything to eat. They were scared of them."; AnsQues1[8]="True"; AnsQues2[8]="False"; AnsQues3[8]="Not in Bible"; AnsQues4[8]="Do not remember"; ErrorQues[9]="One of the men promised that Sarah would have a son in less than _?_"; AnsQues1[9]="a week"; AnsQues2[9]="one year"; AnsQues3[9]="ten years"; AnsQues4[9]="twenty years"; ErrorQues[10]="What were the ages of Abraham and Sarah at this time?"; AnsQues1[10]="Abraham: 25; Sarah: 40"; AnsQues2[10]="Abraham: 40; Sarah: 25"; AnsQues3[10]="Abraham: 99; Sarah: 89"; AnsQues4[10]="Abraham: 400; Sarah: 399"; ErrorQues[11]="When she heard she would finally have a son, Sarah _?_"; AnsQues1[11]="laughed"; AnsQues2[11]="screamed"; AnsQues3[11]="sang praises"; AnsQues4[11]="danced"; ErrorQues[12]="Abraham and Sarah named their son _?_"; AnsQues1[12]="Isaac"; AnsQues2[12]="Ishmael"; AnsQues3[12]="Jordan"; AnsQues4[12]="Melchizedek"; ErrorQues[13]="Ishmael was the son of _?_"; AnsQues1[13]="Abner and Cisna"; AnsQues2[13]="Abraham and Sarah"; AnsQues3[13]="Lot and Lotsia"; AnsQues4[13]="Abraham and Hagar"; ErrorQues[14]="Sarah wanted Hagar and her son to be sent away because _?_"; AnsQues1[14]="Ishmael made fun of Sarah's son"; AnsQues2[14]="Ishtar was always bothering Isaac"; AnsQues3[14]="Samuel was getting too old to bother"; AnsQues4[14]="Hagar was not working like she ought"; ErrorQues[15]="God saw that Abraham hated Isaac and so He would test his feelings."; AnsQues1[15]="True"; AnsQues2[15]="False"; AnsQues3[15]="Not in Bible"; AnsQues4[15]="Do not remember"; ErrorQues[16]="Abraham was to take his son to the land of Moriah and _?_"; AnsQues1[16]="put him to work plowing the fields"; AnsQues2[16]="sacrifice him on a hill that God would show"; AnsQues3[16]="build an altar to the unknown God"; AnsQues4[16]="camp out and hike some too"; ErrorQues[17]="At the hill, Isaac wanted to know _?_"; AnsQues1[17]="Where is the animal for sacrifice?" AnsQues2[17]="Where are the vegetables to sacrifice?" AnsQues3[17]="When are we going hunting?" AnsQues4[17]="Should we put up the tent now or later?" ErrorQues[18]="Abraham built an altar, laid wood on it, and tied his son on it."; AnsQues1[18]="True"; AnsQues2[18]="False"; AnsQues3[18]="Not in Bible"; AnsQues4[18]="Do not remember"; ErrorQues[19]="Who had Abraham change the sacrifice?"; AnsQues1[19]="God"; AnsQues2[19]="Ishmael"; AnsQues3[19]="Ararat"; AnsQues4[19]="Sarah"; ErrorQues[20]="When God called Abraham, He promised him and his descendants _?_"; AnsQues1[20]="a special place beside God Himself"; AnsQues2[20]="a home in the mountains"; AnsQues3[20]="the land that God would show him"; AnsQues4[20]="a valley flowing with milk";