/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#13 OT // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="JOSEPH'S BROTHERS IN EGYPT"; var title2="Event 13, Genesis 42-45 "; Text=new Array(21); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<21;x++) { Text[x]=""; } max=20; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* Text[0]="  For seven years Egypt had bumper crops. Then came 7 years when nothing grew. Soon the people of Egypt had nothing left to eat."; Text[1]="  They came to Joseph for food. He sold them food from the granaries of Pharaoh. They were very happy to have something to eat."; Text[2]="  The land of Canaan too was very dry. No rain fell, and nothing grew. At Hebron Jacob heard, "+speechstr+"There"+aposstr+"s food in Egypt."+speechstr+" He sent ten of his sons to Egypt to buy food. They traveled many miles to Egypt."; Text[3]="  They came to Joseph to buy food, but they didn"+aposstr+"t know it was Joseph. Joseph knew them at once. His brothers bowed down before him and asked permission to buy food."; Text[4]="  "+speechstr+"You are spies,"+speechstr+" Joseph said, "+speechstr+"You are come to spy out weakness in the land."+speechstr+" "+speechstr+"No,"+speechstr+" they answered, "+speechstr+"we"+aposstr+"re not spies; we"+aposstr+"ve come to buy food."+speechstr+" "+speechstr+"But you are spies,"+speechstr+" Joseph said. "+speechstr+"You will go to jail."+speechstr+""; Text[5]="  On the third day Joseph took Simeon and had him bound as they watched. "+speechstr+"Nine of you may go back home with food for your families,"+speechstr+" he said. "+speechstr+"This one will stay here in jail. The next time you come, you must bring your youngest brother along. Then I"+aposstr+"ll know you are honest men."+speechstr+""; Text[6]="  Joseph told his helpers, "+speechstr+"Be sure to put the money of each of these ten men into his sack. Give them food for the long trip home."+speechstr+" They did as Joseph had ordered."+speechstr+""; Text[7]="  Joseph"+aposstr+"s brothers left to go home. That evening one opened a sack and found his money. They were all very much afraid and asked, "+speechstr+"Why has this happened to us?"+speechstr+""; Text[8]="  When they came back to Hebron, they told Jacob all that had happened. "+speechstr+"The next time we go, we must bring Benjamin with us,"+speechstr+" they said. "+speechstr+"No, Benjamin can"+aposstr+"t go with you. If anything should happen to him, I would die,"+speechstr+" Jacob told them."; Text[9]="  When they were almost out of food, Jacob said, "+speechstr+"Go back to Egypt and buy some food."+speechstr+" "+speechstr+"Unless we bring Benjamin along, the man in Egypt won"+aposstr+"t sell us food,"+speechstr+" Judah answered. "+speechstr+"Let him go, Father. 1 will take good care of him. We must have food to eat."+speechstr+""; Text[10]="  Finally Jacob gave in. "+speechstr+"If it must be, take Benjamin along,"+speechstr+" he said. "+speechstr+"Now, take double the money and also some gifts for which our country is famous. May God Almighty bring all of you safely back home!"+speechstr+""; Text[11]="  When they came to Egypt, Joseph asked, "+speechstr+"How is your father? Is he well? And is this your brother Benjamin?"+speechstr+" To Benjamin he said, "+speechstr+"May God bless you, my son!"+speechstr+""; Text[12]="  Joseph invited them to eat dinner with him. He had them sit according to their age, but Joseph sat at a table by himself. He gave Benjamin more food than the others."; Text[13]="  "+speechstr+"Fill up their sacks with grain,"+speechstr+" Joseph told his manager, "+speechstr+"and put their money on top. Be sure to put my silver cup in Benjamin"+aposstr+"s sack."+speechstr+" The manager did as he was told."; Text[14]="  Soon after the brothers had left to go home, Joseph told his manager, "+speechstr+"Chase after them and say, "+aposstr+"Why have you stolen my master"+aposstr+"s silver cup when he was so kind to you?"+aposstr+""+speechstr+""; Text[15]="  The manager chased after Joseph"+aposstr+"s brothers. When they opened their sacks, they found Joseph"+aposstr+"s silver cup in Benjamin"+aposstr+"s sack. The brothers were very sad. They all wondered what would happen to Benjamin and to them."; Text[16]="  When they were brought back before Joseph, he asked, "+speechstr+"Why did you do this? Benjamin will now be my slave."+speechstr+" But Judah pleaded, "+speechstr+"Let me be your slave in Benjamin"+aposstr+"s place or my father will die of grief."+speechstr+""; Text[17]="  Then Joseph ordered his servants to leave. He cried out and said, "+speechstr+"I am your brother Joseph. Don"+aposstr+"t be afraid of me. I was sent to Egypt so people wouldn"+aposstr+"t die of hunger but would live."+speechstr+""; Text[18]="  Then he hugged and kissed Benjamin and his brothers. He was so happy to see them. Now he could talk with them as their brother."; Text[19]="  "+speechstr+"You must go back home,"+speechstr+" he said, "+speechstr+"and bring my father and the whole family to Egypt, where 1 can take good care of you. It will be five years yet before crops will grow. In the meantime the best of Egypt will be yours."+speechstr+""; //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************