/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#14 // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var username = "student"; var title="JACOB COMES TO EGYPT"; var title2="14: Genesis 47- 50"; Text=new Array(20); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<21;x++) { Text[x]=""; } max=20; Text[0]="  Someone told Pharaoh, "+speechstr+"Joseph"+aposstr+"s brothers have come from the land of Canaan."+speechstr+" He was so happy to hear this."; Text[1]="  Pharaoh sent for Joseph and said, "+speechstr+"Tell your brothers, "+aposstr+"Come with your families to live in Egypt where there is food. I will give you the best there is in Egypt."+aposstr+""+speechstr+""; Text[2]="  Joseph did as Pharaoh had ordered. He sent wagons and donkeys loaded with gifts for his father and enough food for the trip back to Egypt."; Text[3]="  At first Jacob wouldn"+aposstr+"t believe when they told him, "+speechstr+"Joseph is still living. He is the most important man in Egypt, next to Pharaoh."+speechstr+" But when Jacob saw all that Joseph had sent, he believed them."+speechstr+""; Text[4]="  He said, "+speechstr+"I will go to see Joseph before I die. We shall all go to live in the land of Egypt."+speechstr+""; Text[5]="  At Beersheba, God appeared to Jacob in a dream and said, "+speechstr+"I am God, the God of your father. Don"+aposstr+"t be afraid to go down to Egypt. I will make you a great nation, and I will bring you back."+speechstr+""; Text[6]="  Jacob and all his family left Beersheba to travel many miles to Egypt. They came to the land of Goshen in the eastern part of Egypt to live."; Text[7]="  Judah was sent ahead to tell Joseph. When Joseph heard that his father had come to Goshen, he hurried to go there in his chariot. He longed to see his father again."; Text[8]="  When he saw him, he hugged and kissed him. It had been 15 years since he had seen him."; Text[9]="  Jacob said, "+speechstr+"Joseph, I've seen you again. I"+aposstr+"m so happy you"+aposstr+"re alive. Now I'm ready to die."+speechstr+""; Text[10]="  "+speechstr+"Pharaoh will want to meet you,"+speechstr+" Joseph told his brothers. He will ask you what you do. When he does, tell him that you raise cattle. I will tell him that you also raise sheep and goats."+speechstr+""; Text[11]="  Joseph spoke to Pharaoh. He brought five of his brothers and introduced them to him. They told Pharaoh, "+speechstr+"My lord, we are shepherds. We"+aposstr+"ve come to live in Egypt. It hasn"+aposstr+"t rained in Canaan for a long, long time, and there"+aposstr+"s nothing to eat. Let us stay in the land of Goshen."+speechstr+""; Text[12]="  "+speechstr+"The land of Egypt is theirs,"+speechstr+" Pharaoh said to Joseph. "+speechstr+"They may live in the land of Goshen. And if any of them are experts in cattle-raising, let them be put in charge of my cattle."+speechstr+""; Text[13]="  Joseph brought his father Jacob to Pharaoh. "+speechstr+"How old are you?"+speechstr+" Pharaoh asked Jacob. "+speechstr+"I"+aposstr+"m 130 years old, Jacob answered. "+speechstr+"They have been hard years. My fathers lived longer than I will."+speechstr+" And Jacob blessed Pharaoh."; Text[14]="  Joseph saw to it that his father, his brothers and their families had enough to eat during the remaining five years of famine."; Text[15]="  Seventeen years later, Jacob asked Joseph to come to Goshen to see him. "+speechstr+"Swear to me,"+speechstr+" he said, "+speechstr+"that you will not bury me in Egypt when I die. But bury me in the family cave in Hebron."+speechstr+" Joseph promised to do this and swore to it."; Text[16]="  Soon after this Jacob called his sons together to give them a final blessing. Each son got his own blessing, but Judah got the best blessing."; Text[17]="  When Jacob died, Joseph kept his promise. He and his brothers buried Jacob in the family cave at Hebron in the land of Canaan."; Text[18]="  Then Joseph"+aposstr+"s brothers sent a messenger to him and said, "+speechstr+"Forgive what your brothers did to you long ago."+speechstr+""; Text[19]="  Joseph called his brothers to him and said, "+speechstr+"You are forgiven. What you meant for evil, God meant for good so that many people would live and not die of hunger. Don"+aposstr+"t worry. I will keep on taking care of you."+speechstr+""; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************