/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#15 // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var username = "student"; var title="MOSES IN A BASKET"; var title2="#15 Exodus 1 & 2"; Text=new Array(20); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<21;x++) { Text[x]=""; } max=20; Text[0]=' 1. At the time of Joseph, the children of Israel went to live in Goshen in the land of Egypt. This was a good place for people to live who were raising sheep, goats and cattle.'; Text[1]=' 2. As the years went on there were so many Israelites in Egypt that the people of Egypt began to be afraid of them.'; Text[2]=' 3. When a new Pharaoh became king over Egypt, he said,"There are too many Israelites. They may become too strong and fight us! "'; Text[3]=' 4. The new Pharaoh told his officals, "Let\'s make the Israelites our slaves. Let\'s force them to build warehouse cities for us and also do all kinds of other hard work for us."'; Text[4]=' 5. And so the Pharaoh of Egypt forced the Israelites to build large cities in which to store food and weapons.'; Text[5]=' 6. The Egyptians forced the Israelites to work very hard and made their life bitter with trouble. But, the number of Israelites kept on growing.'; Text[6]=' 7. So Pharaoh sent out an order throughout Egypt, "Throw every Israelite boy that is born into the Nile River. Let the girls live."'; Text[7]=' 8. Now, a little boy was born to a family which belonged to the tribe of Levi. He was a beautiful child.'; Text[8]=' 9. One day, when the little boy was about three months old, the mother told her daughter Miriam, "We can\'t hide our little boy any longer. We must find some other way to save him."'; Text[9]=' 10. Miriam, the big sister said, "Mother, let\'s make a little boat out of reed-grasses."'; Text[10]=' 11. They made a little boat out of reed grasses and waterproofed it with tar.'; Text[11]=' 12. They took the boat to the river. They put the baby into the boat and placed it in a safe place among the reed-grasses in the river.'; Text[12]=' 13. Miriam stayed behind to watch over her little brother in the boat and to see what would happen.'; Text[13]=' 14. Soon Pharaoh\'s daughter came with her maids to bathe in the river.'; Text[14]=' 15. When she saw the little boat, she sent one of her maids to get it.'; Text[15]=' 16. When they uncovered him, the baby began to cry. "Oh he\'s one of the babies of the children of Israel," the princess said. She felt sorry for him.'; Text[16]=' 17. Just then Miriam came. "Shall I find someone to nurse the child and take care of him for you?" she asked. "Yes, do," said the princess.'; Text[17]=' 18. Miriam ran to get her mother. "Take care of this baby for me," the princess told the mother. "I will pay you for it."'; Text[18]=' 19. The mother did as the princess had asked. When the boy became old enough, she brought him to the princess at the royal palace.'; Text[19]=' 20. The princess called him Moses which means "drawn from the water." Moses became the son of the princess and lived with her at the palace.'; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************