/////////////////////////////19////////////////////////////////////////////// // // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="THE EXODUS"; var title2="Bible Lab #19"; var max=20; var lesson="Bible Event # 19"; var specialpic="ss19/test.jpg"; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; var i=0; var t=20; var max="20" aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; CorrectAns=new Array(max); Explanation=new Array(max); ErrorQues=new Array(max); AnsQues1=new Array(max); AnsQues2=new Array(max); AnsQues3=new Array(max); AnsQues4=new Array(max); /////////////////////////////////////////////////insert the variables here//////// AnsQues1[1]=" all cattle in Egypt would get sick and die"; AnsQues2[1]=" a war was over the horizon"; AnsQues3[1]=" all firstborn in Egypt would die"; AnsQues4[1]=" the Egyptians would lose their jewels of gold"; AnsQues1[2]=" camels, horses, donkeys"; AnsQues2[2]=" wagons, carts, and chariots"; AnsQues3[2]=" shoes and lanterns"; AnsQues4[2]=" jewels of gold and silver and fine cloth"; AnsQues1[3]=" true"; AnsQues2[3]=" false"; AnsQues3[3]=" did not say"; AnsQues4[3]=" do not know"; AnsQues1[4]=" the Passover meal"; AnsQues2[4]=" the Lord's Supper"; AnsQues3[4]=" the Lord's Table"; AnsQues4[4]=" the Feast of Purim"; AnsQues1[5]=" the blood was buried under the sand"; AnsQues2[5]=" its blood was smeared on the door posts and lintels"; AnsQues3[5]=" the blood was poured out in sacrifice"; AnsQues4[5]=" the blood was put in bottles"; AnsQues1[6]=" on a picnic in the Goshen park"; AnsQues2[6]=" with the Egyptian neighbors at their homes"; AnsQues3[6]=" sitting down and resting"; AnsQues4[6]=" standing up, ready to leave Egypt"; AnsQues1[7]=" the Egyptians went to bed peacefully"; AnsQues2[7]=" the firstborn both of man and animals died"; AnsQues3[7]=" the land was invaded by foreigners"; AnsQues4[7]=" it rained and stormed"; AnsQues1[8]=" God"; AnsQues2[8]=" the elders"; AnsQues3[8]=" the Pharaoh"; AnsQues4[8]=" the mothers"; AnsQues1[9]=" the daughter of Pharaoh"; AnsQues2[9]=" the friends of Pharaoh"; AnsQues3[9]=" the Pharaoh"; AnsQues4[9]=" the friends of Israel"; AnsQues1[10]=" flocks and herds"; AnsQues2[10]=" their bricks "; AnsQues3[10]=" the grain in the storehouses"; AnsQues4[10]=" the cup of blessing"; AnsQues1[11]=" to protect their ancestor's body"; AnsQues2[11]=" to worship Jacob's son"; AnsQues3[11]=" to bury him at Shechem as he has asked"; AnsQues4[11]=" to protect his mummy from predators"; AnsQues1[12]=" toward the Great Sea"; AnsQues2[12]=" to the Nile River"; AnsQues3[12]=" toward the Red Sea"; AnsQues4[12]=" to the Dead Sea"; AnsQues1[13]=" pillar of cloud and pillar of fire"; AnsQues2[13]=" sitting on a throne on a cloud"; AnsQues3[13]=" in a tabernacle"; AnsQues4[13]=" as angels of fire"; AnsQues1[14]=" angels of might"; AnsQues2[14]=" the enemies of Egypt"; AnsQues3[14]=" 600 chariots of Pharaoh"; AnsQues4[14]=" foot soldiers of Egypt"; AnsQues1[15]=" they scolded Moses for bringing them to the desert"; AnsQues2[15]=" they hurried to Canaan while it was day"; AnsQues3[15]=" they swam the Sea to safety"; AnsQues4[15]=" they fell down as dead men"; AnsQues1[16]=" the devil"; AnsQues2[16]=" God"; AnsQues3[16]=" the young men"; AnsQues4[16]=" the young women"; AnsQues1[17]=" true"; AnsQues2[17]=" false"; AnsQues3[17]=" did not say"; AnsQues4[17]=" do not know"; AnsQues1[18]=" the pillar of cloud"; AnsQues2[18]=" the great Sea"; AnsQues3[18]=" the angels of bliss"; AnsQues4[18]=" the staff of Moses"; AnsQues1[19]=" Moses shouted for the people to run"; AnsQues2[19]=" Moses stood between the army and the people"; AnsQues3[19]=" Moses sang for God's help"; AnsQues4[19]=" Moses stretched his staff out again over the Sea."; AnsQues1[20]=" true"; AnsQues2[20]=" false"; AnsQues3[20]=" did not say"; AnsQues4[20]=" do not know"; CorrectAns[1]="c"; Explanation[1]="All the firstborn in Egypt would die."; ErrorQues[1]="After the ninth plague what warning did Moses give Pharaoh?"; CorrectAns[2]="d"; Explanation[2]="jewels of gold and silver and fine cloth. They borrowed jewels of gold and silver, and fine cloth."; ErrorQues[2]="What did the Israelites borrow from their Egyptian neighbors?"; CorrectAns[3]="b"; Explanation[3]="False. Moses and Aaron told the elders of the people all that God said and the elders told the people."; ErrorQues[3]="Moses and Aaron talked directly to the people."; CorrectAns[4]="a"; Explanation[4]="the Passover meal. The Passover meal was commanded to be observed at this time."; ErrorQues[4]="What was the special meal commanded by God at this time?"; CorrectAns[5]="b"; Explanation[5]="its blood was smeared on the door posts and lintels. The blood was smeared upon the door posts and lintels."; ErrorQues[5]="After killing the lamb, what was done with the blood?"; CorrectAns[6]="d"; Explanation[6]="standing up, ready to leave Egypt. The Israelites stood up and ate and were ready to go."; ErrorQues[6]="How was the meal eaten?"; CorrectAns[7]="b"; Explanation[7]="the firstborn both of man and animals died. The firstborn died."; ErrorQues[7]="What happened at midnight?"; CorrectAns[8]="a"; Explanation[8]="God. God instructed Moses."; ErrorQues[8]="Who gave Moses instructions on preparing for the Passover?"; CorrectAns[9]="c"; Explanation[9]="the Pharaoh. Pharaoh asked Moses and Aaron to 'get out of Egypt.'"; ErrorQues[9]="Who begged Moses for the Israelites to leave Egypt?"; CorrectAns[10]="a"; Explanation[10]="flocks and herds. The people were told to take their flocks and herds with them."; ErrorQues[10]="What were the people allowed to take with them?"; CorrectAns[11]="c"; Explanation[11]="to bury him at Shechem as he has asked. Joseph has asked for his remains to be carried back to Canaan."; ErrorQues[11]="Why did Israel take the body of Joseph with them?"; CorrectAns[12]="c"; Explanation[12]="toward the Red Sea. They traveled toward the Red Sea."; ErrorQues[12]="After leaving Succoth, where did the children of Israel travel?"; CorrectAns[13]="a"; Explanation[13]="pillar of cloud and pillar of fire. God went before them in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night."; ErrorQues[13]="How did God appear before them?"; CorrectAns[14]="c"; Explanation[14]="600 chariots of Pharaoh. 600 of Pharaoh's chariots were in pursuit of Israel."; ErrorQues[14]="Who did the children of Israel see coming behind them?"; CorrectAns[15]="a"; Explanation[15]="they scolded Moses for bringing them to the desert. The people were afraid and scolded Moses."; ErrorQues[15]="What did Israel do when they saw the Egyptians?"; CorrectAns[16]="b"; Explanation[16]="God. God would fight for the people."; ErrorQues[16]="According to Moses, who would fight for the people?"; CorrectAns[17]="a"; Explanation[17]="True. The sea would divide so the people could walk over on dry land."; ErrorQues[17]="God told Moses to stretch out his staff so the people could walk and not get their feet wet."; CorrectAns[18]="a"; Explanation[18]="the pillar of cloud. The cloud of God kept the Egyptians from reaching the Israelites."; ErrorQues[18]="What kept the Egyptians from reaching the people?"; CorrectAns[19]="d"; Explanation[19]="Moses stretched his staff out again over the Sea.. Moses stretched his staff out over the Red Sea."; ErrorQues[19]="What did Moses do when the people had crossed through the Red Sea?"; CorrectAns[20]="a"; Explanation[20]="True. The people sang a song of thanksgiving."; ErrorQues[20]="The water covered and drowned the Egyptians. The people sang a wonderful song of thanksgiving."; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************