/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#21 // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var username = "student"; var title="GIVING THE LAW & A GOLDEN CALF"; var title2=" #21, Exodus 19-24"; Text=new Array(20); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<21;x++) { Text[x]=""; } max=20; Text[0]=" 1. In the third month after leaving Egypt, the children of Istael came to Mount Sinai."; Text[1]=" 2. God called Moses to come up the mountain. Here God told Moses what he should tell the people."; Text[2]=" 3. Moses went down and told the elders, "+speechstr+"God says, "+aposstr+"See all I have done for you. Now, if you will obey My voice and do the things I tell you to do... you shall be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation."+aposstr+""+speechstr+""; Text[3]=" 4. The elders answered, "+speechstr+"All that the Lord has said, we will do."+speechstr+""; Text[4]=" 5. The people washed their clothes to prepare themselves for talking with God. Some built a stone fence at the foot of the mountain to keep people from coming too close."; Text[5]=" 6. On the third day, God came down on the mountain and said, "+speechstr+"I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt"+speechstr+" Then God gave the people the Ten Commandments"; Text[6]=" 7. The people were afraid. They pleaded with Moses to speak to God for them."; Text[7]=" 8. Moses went up the mountain to talk with God for the people. He took Joshua along."; Text[8]=" 9. God talked with Moses a long long time. He told him how the people of Israel should live and worship Him as their God. Then He gave Moses two tablets of stone on which He had written the Ten Commandments."; Text[9]=" 10.ln the meantime the people became tired of waiting for Moses to come back. They came to Aaron and said, "+speechstr+"Make us a God to lead us. We do not know what has happened to Moses!"+speechstr+""; Text[10]=" 11. When Aaron answered, "+speechstr+"Bring me the earrings of your wives, sons and daughter,"+speechstr+" the people brought these to him."; Text[11]=" 12. Aaron told some men to carve a calf out of wood and cover it with a sheet of thin gold."; Text[12]=" 13. Aaron set up the golden calf and built an altar in front of it. The next day they brought sacrifices and worshipped."; Text[13]=" 14. God saw what the people were doing. He wanted to destroy the people but Moses pleaded with God to forgive them."; Text[14]=" 15. Then Moses went down with Joshua to the camp. When he saw the people celebrating in front of the golden calf, he became so angry that he broke the tablets of stone."; Text[15]=" 16. Moses took the golden calf and burned it. He ground up the ashes and poured them on the water so the people would have to drink them."; Text[16]=" 17. "+speechstr+"Why did you do this?"+speechstr+" Moses asked Aaron. He answered, "+speechstr+"I threw gold into the fire and out came a calf."+speechstr+""; Text[17]=" 18. "+speechstr+"Go and kill everyone who is sinning against God,"+speechstr+" Moses told the sons of Levi. Many of the people were killed that day because of their sins against God."; Text[18]=" 19. When it was all over, Moses called the people together. "+speechstr+"You have sinned against God by worshipping the golden calf. I will go up to the mountain to speak to God for you."+speechstr+""; Text[19]=" 20. Moses pleaded with God, and God forgave the people their sins."; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************