var title="CAIN"; var title2="Bible Event #3"; var lesson="Bible Event #3"; var specialpic="ss3/test.jpg"; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; var max=10; var i=0; questions=new Array(21); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; CorrectAns=new Array(11); Explanation=new Array(11); ErrorQues=new Array(11); AnsQues1=new Array(11); AnsQues2=new Array(11); AnsQues3=new Array(11); AnsQues4=new Array(11); CorrectAns[1]="a"; Explanation[1]="flaming. "; AnsQues1[1]="flaming"; AnsQues2[1]="wooden" AnsQues3[1]="bronze" AnsQues4[1]="electric" CorrectAns[2]="b"; Explanation[2]="False. "; AnsQues1[2]="True"; AnsQues2[2]="False"; AnsQues3[2]="Not in Bible"; AnsQues4[2]="Do not remember"; CorrectAns[3]="a"; Explanation[3]="Abel and Cain. "; AnsQues1[3]="Abel and Cain"; AnsQues2[3]="Ananias and Saffas" AnsQues3[3]="Noah and Methuselah" AnsQues4[3]="George and Adam Junior" CorrectAns[4]="a"; Explanation[4]="True. By faith Abel offered a more excellent sacrifice than Cain."; AnsQues1[4]="True"; AnsQues2[4]="False"; AnsQues3[4]="Either"; AnsQues4[4]="Do not remember"; CorrectAns[5]="b"; Explanation[5]="False. Cain was angry with his brother, Abel."; AnsQues1[5]="True"; AnsQues2[5]="False"; AnsQues3[5]="Either"; AnsQues4[5]="Do not remember"; CorrectAns[6]="a"; Explanation[6]="True. "; AnsQues1[6]="True"; AnsQues2[6]="False"; AnsQues3[6]="Either"; AnsQues4[6]="Do not remember"; CorrectAns[7]="b"; Explanation[7]="False. Abel's sacrifice was animal and God accepted that sacrifice."; AnsQues1[7]="True"; AnsQues2[7]="False"; AnsQues3[7]="Either"; AnsQues4[7]="Do not remember"; CorrectAns[8]="c"; Explanation[8]="He killed his brother Abel.. "; AnsQues1[8]="He cursed God." AnsQues2[8]="He married a foreginer." AnsQues3[8]="He killed his brother Abel. "; AnsQues4[8]="He started his own garden." CorrectAns[9]="b"; Explanation[9]="Cain's family forgot God.. "; AnsQues1[9]="Cain returned to the Garden of Eden." AnsQues2[9]="Cain's family forgot God. "; AnsQues3[9]="Cain became a hunter of men." AnsQues4[9]="Cain repented and loved his fellow man." CorrectAns[10]="a"; Explanation[10]="They had become so wicked.. "; AnsQues1[10]="They had become so wicked."; AnsQues2[10]="They tried to build a tower." AnsQues3[10]="They tried to stop Noah from building the ark." AnsQues4[10]="They wanted to build their own boat." ErrorQues[1]="What kind of sword kept Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden after they sinned?"; ErrorQues[2]="Work was easy for Adam after he was sent out of the Garden."; ErrorQues[3]="God gave Adam and Eve two sons whom they named _ ? _ "; ErrorQues[4]="God liked Abel's sacrifice."; ErrorQues[5]="Cain was angry with God because of Abel's good sacrifice."; ErrorQues[6]="God said, 'Why are you so angry? Be careful; you are about to sin!'"; ErrorQues[7]="Cain's sacrifice was animal; Abel's was vegetables."; ErrorQues[8]="What sin did Cain commit after God had warned him?"; ErrorQues[9]="What happened to Cain after he and his wife went far away from his parents?"; ErrorQues[10]="Why did God decide to destroy people by a flood?";