/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#33 // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var username = "student"; var title="ELIJAH, GOD'S PROPHET"; var title2=" 1 Kings 17-21"; Text=new Array(22); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<23;x++) { Text[x]=""; } max=22; Text[0]=" 1. Ahab was king over Israel, and Jezebel was the queen. Both Ahab and Jezebel worshipped Baal and Asherah, the gods of the people of Canaan and Phoenicia. They thought that Baal sent rain and dew so crops could grow."; Text[1]="  2. One day God sent His prophet Elijah to Ahab to tell him, "+speechstr+"It won"+aposstr+"t rain or dew till God says so!"+speechstr+""; Text[2]="  3. Now it no longer rained; the grass was no longer wet with dew in the morning. Ahab became very angry with Elijah."; Text[3]="  4. God told Elijah to go and stay beside a little stream called Cherith, east of the Jordan. Every morning and every evening God sent ravens with food for Elijah to eat."; Text[4]="  5. When the stream dried up, God sent Elijah to the town of Zarephath in the country ruled by Jezebel"+aposstr+"s father. "+speechstr+"A woman of Zarephath will take care of you,"+speechstr+" He said."; Text[5]="  6. When Elijah came near to Zarephath, he saw a woman gathering sticks. "+speechstr+"Please, give me a drink of water,"+speechstr+" he said, "+speechstr+"and also a little bread to eat."+speechstr+""; Text[6]="  7. The woman said, "+speechstr+"I am about to use my last flour and olive oil to bake bread for my son and myself. That"+aposstr+"s all we have. Then we will starve to death."+speechstr+""; Text[7]="  8. "+speechstr+"Don"+aposstr+"t worry,"+speechstr+" Elijah answered. "+speechstr+"Do as I say. God says, "+aposstr+"You will not starve but will always have bread to eat until I send rain again!"+aposstr+" "+speechstr+""; Text[8]="  9. The woman invited Elijah into her house. Every day she baked bread for the three of them. She always had enough flour and olive oil to bake bread the next day."; Text[9]="  10. One day her son became sick. He became sicker and then he died."; Text[10]="  11. The woman carried him to Elijah and said, "+speechstr+"My son has died. Why did you come to me?"+speechstr+""; Text[11]="  12. Elijah took her son into his arms. He asked God to make him alive again. God answered his prayer."; Text[12]="  13. Elijah brought the boy to the woman and said, "+speechstr+"God made your son alive again."+speechstr+""; Text[13]="  14. Now Ahab had a palace at Jezreel, and Naboth owned a vineyard nearby. One day Ahab said, "+speechstr+"Naboth, I"+aposstr+"d like to buy your vineyard and make it into a vegetable garden."; Text[14]="  15. "+speechstr+"I can"+aposstr+"t sell you the vineyard,"+speechstr+" Naboth answered, "+speechstr+"for it"+aposstr+"s against God"+aposstr+"s law. The vineyard must stay in my family."+speechstr+""; Text[15]="  16. Ahab was very sad. He wanted so very much to have the vineyard. He went back home and lay down."; Text[16]="  17. Jezebel said, "+speechstr+"Cheer up and eat, Ahab. I will get you Naboth"+aposstr+"s vineyard."+speechstr+""; Text[17]="  18. She sat down and wrote a letter to the town council of Jezreel: "+speechstr+"Accuse Naboth for cursing God and the king,"+speechstr+" she said. "+speechstr+"Use false witnesses to condemn him to death."+speechstr+""; Text[18]="  19. The men of the council did as Jezebel had ordered. They arrested Naboth and put him on trial. Two wicked men said, "+speechstr+"Naboth has cursed God and the king!"+speechstr+""; Text[19]="  20. The court found Naboth guilty. They sentenced him to death. They took him outside the town and stoned him."; Text[20]="  21. Then Jezebel told Ahab, "+speechstr+"Naboth is dead. His vineyard now belongs to you. Why not go and take a look at it?"+speechstr+""; Text[21]="  22. Ahab went to the vineyard. Elijah met him and said, "+speechstr+"You have murdered Naboth and now you are taking his land. Some day dogs will lick your blood here. They will eat Jezebel and other members of the family, for you caused Israel to sin against God."+speechstr+""; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************