/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //#34 // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var username = "student"; var title="ELIJAH AND THE PROPHETS OF BAAL"; var title2=" 1 Kings 18"; Text=new Array(20); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<21;x++) { Text[x]=""; } max=20; Text[0]="  1. Ahab became king over the land of Israel. He was a good friend of the king of Judah. He was married to Jezebel, the daughter of the king of Phoenicia."; Text[1]="  2. Jezebel and Ahab worshipped Baal and Ashera. They thought that Baal was the god who sent rain, storm and lightning. He saw to it that each winter enough rain fell so crops could grow. In the dry summer season, he sent dew so crops could grow... so they thought."; Text[2]="  3. Jezebel wanted all people in Israel to worship only Baal and Ashera. She didn"+aposstr+"t want them to worship God. She hated God"+aposstr+"s prophet Elijah and all other prophets."; Text[3]="  4. One day Elijah came to King Ahab and said, "+speechstr+"It won"+aposstr+"t rain or dew until God says so!"+speechstr+" Then he walked out."; Text[4]="  5. It no longer rained; the grass was no longer wet with dew in the morning. Soon the ground was dried up and nothing could grow. For three years it neither rained nor dewed."; Text[5]="  6. One day Ahab told Obadiah, his helper, "+speechstr+"Let"+aposstr+"s see if we can find something for our horses and mules to eat. If we don"+aposstr+"t, we"+aposstr+"ll have to kill them."+speechstr+" Ahab went one way and Obadiah the other."; Text[6]="  7. Elijah met Ahab. "+speechstr+"You have led the people of Israel away from God,"+speechstr+" he said. "+speechstr+"Order them and the priests of Baal and Ashera to meet me on Mount Car­mel."+speechstr+" Ahab did this."; Text[7]="  8. On Mount Carmel, Elijah told the people of Israel, "+speechstr+"Today you must make up your mind. You must either worship God or Baal. You can no longer worship both."+speechstr+""; Text[8]="  9. "+speechstr+"Now, Baal priests, you may begin. Build an altar, kill an ox, and lay it on the altar, but don"+aposstr+"t light it. If Baal is the god of lightning as you say, he will light it himself."+speechstr+""; Text[9]="  10. "+speechstr+"Later on I too will bring an offering but I won"+aposstr+"t light it. The god who first lights his offering will win."+speechstr+" The Baal priest said, "+speechstr+"This is fair enough."+speechstr+""; Text[10]="  11. The Baal priests built their altar. They killed an ox and laid it on the altar. They hopped around it and cried out, "+speechstr+"0 Baal, hear us! Hear us, 0 Baal!"+speechstr+""; Text[11]="  12. Finally they cut themselves with knives. Elijah poked fun at them and at Baal and Ashera. But Baal didn"+aposstr+"t send fire from heaven."; Text[12]="  13. In the late afternoon Elijah rebuilt the alter of God. He used twelve stones, one for each of the twelve tribes of God"+aposstr+"s people. He dug a ditch around the altar."; Text[13]="  14. Then he prepared the offering and soaked it several times with water. "+speechstr+"0 Lord, hear my prayer,"+speechstr+" he prayed. "+speechstr+"Show Your people that You alone are God."+speechstr+""; Text[14]="  15. God heard his prayer. He sent fire from heaven. It burned up the offer­ing, the stones and even licked up the water from the ditch."; Text[15]="  16. The people cried out, "+speechstr+"The Lord. He is God! The Lord, He is God!"+speechstr+""; Text[16]="  17. Elijah said, "+speechstr+"If the Lord is God, then Baal isn"+aposstr+"t god. Take and kill the priests of Baal. They have led you away from God."+speechstr+" Men of Israel took the Baal priests and killed them."; Text[17]="  18. "+speechstr+"Ahab, you had better eat and go home,"+speechstr+" Elijah told him. "+speechstr+"It"+aposstr+"s going to rain and you"+aposstr+"ll get wet."+speechstr+" Now it hadn"+aposstr+"t rained for over three years."; Text[18]="  19. Elijah prayed seven times for rain. After the seventh time. the sky became black and dark."; Text[19]="  20. Soon it rained and rained. Elijah ran so fast that he passed Ahab riding home in his chariot."; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************