/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="GABRIEL VISITS MARY"; var title2=""; var max=20; var lesson="Bible Event Test #1"; var specialpic="ss1/test.jpg"; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; var i=0; var t=20; var max="20" aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; CorrectAns=new Array(max); Explanation=new Array(max); ErrorQues=new Array(max); AnsQues1=new Array(max); AnsQues2=new Array(max); AnsQues3=new Array(max); AnsQues4=new Array(max); /////////////////////////////////////////////////insert the variables here//////// CorrectAns[1]="a"; Explanation[1]="The hope of Israel the promised Messiah was taught to all Hebrew children."; ErrorQues[1]="Did Mary know about the promised Messiah's birth?"; AnsQues1[1]=" Yes"; AnsQues2[1]=" No"; AnsQues3[1]=" Don't know"; AnsQues4[1]=" Can't be certain"; CorrectAns[2]="a"; Explanation[2]="The angel was sent to address Mary on this occasion."; ErrorQues[2]="Who from Heaven appeared to Mary?"; AnsQues1[2]=" Gabriel an angel"; AnsQues2[2]=" Michael the archangel"; AnsQues3[2]=" An unidentified angel"; AnsQues4[2]=" The Angel of Light"; CorrectAns[3]="a"; Explanation[3]="The angel greeted Mary with peace."; ErrorQues[3]="What did the messenger say to Mary?"; AnsQues1[3]=" Peace be to you who are highly blessed."; AnsQues2[3]=" One day you will have children."; AnsQues3[3]=" Prepare to meet the Lord."; AnsQues4[3]=" Poor one, you have been selected."; CorrectAns[4]="c"; Explanation[4]="Mary was surprised and wondered what the greeting meant."; ErrorQues[4]="How did Mary react to the greeting?"; AnsQues1[4]=" Ignored him at first"; AnsQues2[4]=" Ran with excitement and told the neighbors"; AnsQues3[4]=" Wondered what it meant"; AnsQues4[4]=" Was not surprised at all"; CorrectAns[5]="a"; Explanation[5]="Be not afraid. You have found favor with God."; ErrorQues[5]="What was the message given?"; AnsQues1[5]=" You have found favor with God."; AnsQues2[5]=" Elizabeth will give birth to God's Son."; AnsQues3[5]=" Joseph likes you and will marry you."; AnsQues4[5]=" The world needs a Savior."; CorrectAns[6]="b"; Explanation[6]="Mary would be the mother of the Son of God."; ErrorQues[6]="How had God shown Mary favor?"; AnsQues1[6]=" She would increase in riches."; AnsQues2[6]=" He had chosen her to be His Son's mother."; AnsQues3[6]=" She would never have a problem on earth."; AnsQues4[6]=" He had sent an angel to preach to her."; CorrectAns[7]="d"; Explanation[7]="The Son of God's name would be Jesus."; ErrorQues[7]="What would be the Son's name?"; AnsQues1[7]=" Simon Peter"; AnsQues2[7]=" John"; AnsQues3[7]=" Bartholomew"; AnsQues4[7]=" Jesus"; CorrectAns[8]="b"; Explanation[8]="Mary said she was not married at this time."; ErrorQues[8]="At this time was Mary married to any man?"; AnsQues1[8]=" Yes; her husband lived in Jerusalem"; AnsQues2[8]=" No; she was only engaged to Joseph"; AnsQues3[8]=" Don't know"; AnsQues4[8]=" Maybe"; CorrectAns[9]="a"; Explanation[9]="Mary was surprised to learn that she was to give birth without being married."; ErrorQues[9]="Did Mary expect to be married before she had children?"; AnsQues1[9]=" Yes"; AnsQues2[9]=" No"; AnsQues3[9]=" Don't know"; AnsQues4[9]=" She did not want to be married."; CorrectAns[10]="b"; Explanation[10]="Her son would be the Son of God."; ErrorQues[10]="Who would Mary's son be?"; AnsQues1[10]=" The son of Abraham"; AnsQues2[10]=" The Son of God"; AnsQues3[10]=" The son of Joseph"; AnsQues4[10]=" The son of Moses"; CorrectAns[11]="c"; Explanation[11]="Mary was in agreement with the will of God."; ErrorQues[11]="What was Mary's reply to the Holy Spirit coming upon her?"; AnsQues1[11]=" Is it necessary or do I have a choice?"; AnsQues2[11]=" How come I have to be the one?"; AnsQues3[11]=" I belong to the Lord; may it happen as you say."; AnsQues4[11]=" Let Elizabeth be the chosen one; I'll help out when needed."; CorrectAns[12]="d"; Explanation[12]="She had been told about Elizabeth being with child."; ErrorQues[12]="Why did Mary decide to visit her cousin Elizabeth?"; AnsQues1[12]=" Elizabeth was her cousin and it was expected of her."; AnsQues2[12]=" She had not visited with her for months."; AnsQues3[12]=" John needed someone to stay with his wife."; AnsQues4[12]=" Gabriel told her that Elizabeth was with child."; CorrectAns[13]="a"; Explanation[13]="Elizabeth lived with John in the hill country of Judea."; ErrorQues[13]="Where did Elizabeth and John live?"; AnsQues1[13]=" In Judea, south of Galilee"; AnsQues2[13]=" Down the street from Mary"; AnsQues3[13]=" In another city in Galilee"; AnsQues4[13]=" In Rome, the eternal city"; CorrectAns[14]="a"; Explanation[14]="Elizabeth said she knew."; ErrorQues[14]="Did Elizabeth know about Mary being the mother of God's Son?"; AnsQues1[14]=" Yes"; AnsQues2[14]=" No"; AnsQues3[14]=" Don't know"; AnsQues4[14]=" She wasn't in the know."; CorrectAns[15]="b"; Explanation[15]="Her soul was full of joy; her heart overflowed with praise."; ErrorQues[15]="How did Mary feel about her being the mother of Jesus?"; AnsQues1[15]=" Her heart was confused but accepting."; AnsQues2[15]=" Her soul was full of joy."; AnsQues3[15]=" She had not decided how she felt."; AnsQues4[15]=" She wanted to find herself in life first."; CorrectAns[16]="a"; Explanation[16]="Mary said that her son would save people from their sins."; ErrorQues[16]="Did Mary say that Jesus would save God's people from their sins?"; AnsQues1[16]=" Yes"; AnsQues2[16]=" No"; AnsQues3[16]=" Don't know"; AnsQues4[16]=" Doesn't say"; CorrectAns[17]="a"; Explanation[17]="Mary stayed for three months."; ErrorQues[17]="How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?"; AnsQues1[17]=" Three months"; AnsQues2[17]=" Two years"; AnsQues3[17]=" One week"; AnsQues4[17]=" Seven weeks"; CorrectAns[18]="d"; Explanation[18]="She went back home to Nazareth."; ErrorQues[18]="Where did Mary go after leaving Elizabeth?"; AnsQues1[18]=" To Bethlehem "; AnsQues2[18]=" To Jerusalem"; AnsQues3[18]=" To Judea"; AnsQues4[18]=" To Nazareth"; CorrectAns[19]="d"; Explanation[19]="The name Jesus means "+speechstr+"Savior"+speechstr+""; ErrorQues[19]="What does the name Jesus mean?"; AnsQues1[19]=" Son of God"; AnsQues2[19]=" Peace King"; AnsQues3[19]=" Fighter"; AnsQues4[19]=" Savior"; CorrectAns[20]="c"; Explanation[20]="Mary was from the city of Nazareth in Galilee."; ErrorQues[20]="Where did Mary (soon to be the mother of Jesus) live?"; AnsQues1[20]=" Jerusalem"; AnsQues2[20]=" Bethlehem"; AnsQues3[20]=" Nazareth"; AnsQues4[20]=" Bathsheba"; // *** POSITIONING AND STYLES ********************************************* //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************