/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="THE WOMAN AT JACOB'S WELL"; var title2="Lesson 13"; var max=20; Text=new Array(20); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<=max; x++) { Text[x]=""; } Text[0]=' 1. One day Jesus and His disciples left Judea to go north to Galilee.'; Text[1]=' 2. On their way through Samaria they came to a well near the little town of Sychar.'; Text[2]=' 3. Jesus was tired from the long walk. He sat down beside the well to rest while His disciples went to the town to buy some food.'; Text[3]=' 4. While Jesus was resting He saw a woman coming to the well to get water.'; Text[4]=' 5. As the woman neared the well, Jesus asked her to give Him a drink of water.'; Text[5]=' 6. Surprised, the woman said, "How can you, a Jew, ask a drink from me, a woman of Samaria?"'; Text[6]=' 7. Jesus then told this woman that had she known who He was that she would have asked of Him and she would have received something greater than water.'; Text[7]=' 8. " . . . I know that Messiah [Christ] is coming" said the woman. "When he comes he will make everything plain to us."'; Text[8]=' 9. "I am Christ (the Savior) speaking to you now," said Jesus. NOTE: Jesus actually told her about her private life. This persuaded her.'; Text[9]=' 10. Just then the disciples of Jesus returned with the food they had bought. They were surprised to see Jesus talking with the woman.'; Text[10]=' 11. In the meantime the woman had put down her water-jar and was hurrying back to the little town to tell the people about Jesus at the well.'; Text[11]=' 12. She told the people, "Come out and see the man who told me everything I\'ve ever done. Can this be \'Christ\'?"'; Text[12]=' 13. Many people from the town went with the woman. They wanted to see this man.'; Text[13]=' 14. Jesus looked up and saw the people coming with the woman. He was happy to see them.'; Text[14]=' 15. The people from the town asked Jesus to come home and stay with them.'; Text[15]=' 16. Jesus was happy to go with them to their town and to talk with them.'; Text[16]=' 17. Jesus stayed for two days teaching the people. When they heard Him many of the people believed in Him.'; Text[17]=' 18. On the third day Jesus and the disciples told the people good-bye and left to go to Galilee.'; Text[18]=' 19. The people had believed when the woman told them about Jesus.'; Text[19]=' 20. But when Jesus spoke to them Himself, they believed in Him because of His own teaching.';