/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="JESUS FEEDS FIVE THOUSAND"; var title2="Lesson 18"; var max=10; var lesson="Bible Event Test #18"; var specialpic="ss18/test.jpg"; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; var i=0; var t=max; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; CorrectAns=new Array(max); Explanation=new Array(max); ErrorQues=new Array(max); AnsQues1=new Array(max); AnsQues2=new Array(max); AnsQues3=new Array(max); AnsQues4=new Array(max); /////////////////////////////////////////////////insert the variables here//////// CorrectAns[1]="a"; ErrorQues[1]=" To rest, Jesus took a boat with His disciples and sailed near to what town?"; AnsQues1[1]=" Bethsaida"; AnsQues2[1]=" Jerusalem"; AnsQues3[1]=" Bartow"; AnsQues4[1]=" Nazareth"; Explanation[1]=AnsQues1[1]; CorrectAns[2]="d"; ErrorQues[2]=" What did Jesus see when He landed on shore?"; AnsQues1[2]=" Three demoniacs"; AnsQues2[2]=" A wilderness of sand"; AnsQues3[2]=" A metropolis of busy people"; AnsQues4[2]=" A great crowd of over 5000"; Explanation[2]=AnsQues4[2]; CorrectAns[3]="c"; ErrorQues[3]=" How did Jesus react to what He saw?"; AnsQues1[3]=" He was surprised and was dumbfounded"; AnsQues2[3]=" He complained, cried, and wrung his hands"; AnsQues3[3]=" He welcomed them, healed their sick, and taught them"; AnsQues4[3]=" He got back into the boat and returned to the other side"; Explanation[3]=AnsQues3[3]; CorrectAns[4]="d"; ErrorQues[4]=" What did the diciples want Jesus to do?"; AnsQues1[4]=" To baptize as many as He could before dark"; AnsQues2[4]=" To let them speak to the people"; AnsQues3[4]=" To have a song service"; AnsQues4[4]=" Send them away to buy themselves bread"; Explanation[4]=AnsQues4[4]; CorrectAns[5]="c"; ErrorQues[5]=" What was Jesus` answer to this request?"; AnsQues1[5]=" \"You know not what you ask\""; AnsQues2[5]=" He did not know what to say"; AnsQues3[5]=" \"You give them something to eat\""; AnsQues4[5]=" He asked their opinion on the matter"; Explanation[5]=AnsQues3[5]; CorrectAns[6]="d"; ErrorQues[6]=" What did the disciples think Jesus wanted them to do?"; AnsQues1[6]=" To be quiet and wait upon the Lord"; AnsQues2[6]=" To send the people away"; AnsQues3[6]=" Pray and hope for a better day"; AnsQues4[6]=" Go and buy food for the people"; Explanation[6]=AnsQues4[6]; CorrectAns[7]="a"; ErrorQues[7]=" How much food did the disciples find for the crowd?"; AnsQues1[7]=" Five barley loaves and two fish"; AnsQues2[7]=" A tremendous catch from the Sea"; AnsQues3[7]=" None for all had eaten everything"; AnsQues4[7]=" Only a slice of bread and some pork"; Explanation[7]=AnsQues1[7]; CorrectAns[8]="b"; ErrorQues[8]=" This lunch had belonged to whom?"; AnsQues1[8]=" Peter"; AnsQues2[8]=" A little boy"; AnsQues3[8]=" Andrew"; AnsQues4[8]=" An elderly stranger"; Explanation[8]=AnsQues2[8]; CorrectAns[9]="b"; ErrorQues[9]=" How did Jesus instruct the disciples to organize the crowd?"; AnsQues1[9]=" Children first, ladies second"; AnsQues2[9]=" In groups (this resulted in about fifty people each)"; AnsQues3[9]=" A straight line with plates ready"; AnsQues4[9]=" First rush, first serve"; Explanation[9]=AnsQues2[9]; CorrectAns[10]="a"; ErrorQues[10]=" Jesus blessed and broke the food into small pieces. How much was left after the crowd had their full?"; AnsQues1[10]=" Twelve baskets full"; AnsQues2[10]=" Two plates full"; AnsQues3[10]=" Not any for they barely had enough"; AnsQues4[10]=" Only one beef sandwich"; Explanation[10]=AnsQues1(10]; //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************