/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="PARABLE OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN"; var title2="Lesson 19"; var max=18; Text=new Array(18); aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; for (var x=0; x<=max; x++) { Text[x]=""; } Text[0]=' 1. One day a lawyer, a leader of the people, came to Jesus to ask Him an important question.'; Text[1]=' 2. When he came to Jesus the lawyer asked Him, "What must I do to be sure of eternal life?"'; Text[2]=' 3. Jesus said to the lawyer, "What does the Law say and what has your reading taught you?"'; Text[3]=' 4. The lawyer answered, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself."'; Text[4]=' 5. "You have answered right," said Jesus. Then He urged the lawyer to do these things. Jesus knew if the lawyer truly loved God and his neighbor he would inherit eternal life.'; Text[5]=' 6. But, in an effort to justify himself, the lawyer asked, "Who is my neighbor?"'; Text[6]=' 7. To answer the lawyer, Jesus now told a story about a man who was traveling from the city of Jerusa1em to the town of Jericho.'; Text[7]=' 8. While on the road the man was attacked by robbers, who beat him and took his money and clothes.'; Text[8]=' 9. The robbers left him lying on the road half dead and exposed to the weather.'; Text[9]=' 10. A priest, who was supposed to be a religious man, came by. When he saw the wounded man, he did not stop but passed by him and kept on going.'; Text[10]=' 11. It so happened that a priest\'s helper, a Levite, also came the same way. Neither did he stop to help the wounded man.'; Text[11]=' 12. But when a Samaritan came that way and saw the wounded man, he felt sorry for him, stopped and gave him a drink.'; Text[12]=' 13. After he had given him first aid, he put the wounded man on his donkey and took him with him.'; Text[13]=' 14. The Sam a r ita n brought the wounded man to an inn and took care of him during the night.'; Text[14]=' 15. In the morning he gave the innkeeper some money and asked the innkeeper to take good care of the wounded man.'; Text[15]=' 16. When Jesus had finished the story, He asked the lawyer which of the three: the priest, the Levite or the Samaritan was neighbor to the wounded man?'; Text[16]=' 17. The lawyer answered, "The one that showed mercy on him."'; Text[17]=' 18. Jesus told the lawyer that he too must go and be a good neighbor to everyone in need. Then he could inherit eternal life.';