/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// var title="MARY ANOINTS JESUS"; var title2="Lesson 21"; var max=10; var lesson="Bible Event Test #21"; var specialpic="ss21/test.jpg"; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; var i=0; var t=max; aposstr=new String; speechstr=new String; aposstr="'"; speechstr='"'; CorrectAns=new Array(max); Explanation=new Array(max); ErrorQues=new Array(max); AnsQues1=new Array(max); AnsQues2=new Array(max); AnsQues3=new Array(max); AnsQues4=new Array(max); /////////////////////////////////////////////////insert the variables here//////// CorrectAns[1]="a"; Explanation[1]="They lived in the town of Bethany that was close to Jerusalem. "; ErrorQues[1]="Where did Mary, Martha, and Lazarus live?"; AnsQues1[1]=" In the town of Bethany"; AnsQues2[1]=" Downtown Jerusalem"; AnsQues3[1]=" In Jericho"; AnsQues4[1]=" In Galilee"; CorrectAns[2]="b"; Explanation[2]="Lazarus"; ErrorQues[2]="Which person had Jesus raised from the dead?"; AnsQues1[2]=" Mary"; AnsQues2[2]=" Lazarus"; AnsQues3[2]=" Simon"; AnsQues4[2]=" Barnabas"; CorrectAns[3]="b"; Explanation[3]="It was 6 days before the feast of the Passover."; ErrorQues[3]="Jesus and his disciples came to Bethany about one week before what holy day?"; AnsQues1[3]=" Pentecost"; AnsQues2[3]=" The feast of the Passover"; AnsQues3[3]=" Easter"; AnsQues4[3]=" Christmas"; CorrectAns[4]="a"; Explanation[4]="A man named Simon "; ErrorQues[4]="Who invited Jesus and His disciples for dinner while they were in Bethany?"; AnsQues1[4]=" Simon"; AnsQues2[4]=" Lazarus"; AnsQues3[4]=" Peter"; AnsQues4[4]=" The High Priest"; CorrectAns[5]="c"; Explanation[5]="Martha "; ErrorQues[5]="Lazarus and his sisters were at the feast; which sister helped with the serving?"; AnsQues1[5]=" Mary"; AnsQues2[5]=" Magdalene"; AnsQues3[5]=" Martha"; AnsQues4[5]=" Austin"; CorrectAns[6]="b"; Explanation[6]="A very expensive perfume; ointment"; ErrorQues[6]="What did Mary pour on Jesus' head?"; AnsQues1[6]=" Water"; AnsQues2[6]=" An expensive perfume"; AnsQues3[6]=" Wine"; AnsQues4[6]=" Wildroot Tonic"; CorrectAns[7]="c"; Explanation[7]="Her hair"; ErrorQues[7]="Mary poured some perfume on Jesus' feet and wiped them with what?"; AnsQues1[7]=" Table napkins"; AnsQues2[7]=" Brawny towels"; AnsQues3[7]=" Her hair"; AnsQues4[7]=" A thick towel"; CorrectAns[8]="b"; Explanation[8]="Judas Iscariot who was a thief"; ErrorQues[8]="Who asked why this perfume was not sold and the money given to the poor?"; AnsQues1[8]=" Simon"; AnsQues2[8]=" Judas Iscariot"; AnsQues3[8]=" Matthew"; AnsQues4[8]=" The Pharisees"; CorrectAns[9]="a"; Explanation[9]="Jesus' burial"; ErrorQues[9]="Mary had poured perfume on Jesus' body to prepare it for what?"; AnsQues1[9]=" His burial"; AnsQues2[9]=" His crucifixion"; AnsQues3[9]=" Dining"; AnsQues4[9]=" His long trip home"; CorrectAns[10]="b"; Explanation[10]="It would be recounted as a memorial to Mary."; ErrorQues[10]="Jesus said that this deed would be retold for what purpose?"; AnsQues1[10]=" To glorify Simon"; AnsQues2[10]=" As a memorial to Mary's deed"; AnsQues3[10]=" As a symbol of worship"; AnsQues4[10]=" To remember the poor"; //**DO NOT EDIT THIS ***** //*********************** //************************