Going Home


1)         "He was on his way back home":  Ethiopian eunuch


       In Acts 8 we learn of a man who was both a preacher and a deacon who was successful preaching and baptizing in Samaria. An angel instructed Philip to go meet a man who had traveled from Ethiopia to Jerusalem to worship and was on his way back home. This man was worshipping God according to the law of Moses. Philip met this treasurer and after teaching him the gospel, Philip baptized him.  


2)         "He was on his way home":  Moses


       In Exodus 3 we learn of Moses who was on his way home to Canaan by way of Egypt.     Moses made excuses to the Lord saying that he wasn’t the man for the job. The Lord insisted that Moses was and after some hesitancy, Moses went as directed.     However, he failed to get home, because Moses didn’t give God the glory (credit) for the water the Israelites received.    We learn there are ways we can cheat God other than money.


3)         "He was on his way to Damascus":  Saul of Tarsus


       In Acts 9 we read that Paul was on his way to Damascus thinking he was doing God a service by arresting, and sometimes killing, Christians. The Lord appeared to Paul and told him that he was causing injury to Him, when the Church suffers, the Lord suffers. Later Paul resumed his journey to Damascus and learned that even though one is sincere, one can be sincerely wrong. Paul learned that the Law of Moses had been “nailed to the cross” and had been “wiped out” (Col. 2:14). Paul also learned “the truth” (John 8:32) and was baptized. Paul became a great servant of God and died for his convictions.


4)         "He was on his way to a new home":  Abraham


       In Genesis 11-12 we find Abram, Sari and Lot leaving their homeland of Ur at the direction of God, and went to a new home in Canaan. Unlike Moses, Abram made no excuses but followed God’s instructions “by faith”. We too must step out by faith and go to another land Heb.11:6. While we have no choice about whether we will leave, we do have a choice as to where we are going.


5)         "They were on their way home without Jesus":  Mary and Joseph


       In Luke 2 we learn the parents of Jesus who came to Jerusalem to worship. Later they started home without Him. They looked for Him among their friends but didn’t find Him. The lesson for us is, many think they can go to heaven without Jesus. John 14.


6)         "He was on his way back home":  Prodigal son


       In Luke 15 we have the lesson of the prodigal son who left for a new home only to find the “grass wasn’t greener on the other side”. He acknowledged that going home was preferable to staying where he was, so he made plans to return.   Having it “our way” may be the American way but that isn’t God’s way.


Are you on your way home?


Bill Watkins