Burt by Burt McKee
Burt currently serves as deacon with Haines City church of Christ.
Brother McKee is an accomplished gospel preacher, teacher, and personal worker for the Lord. I asked him to share these lesson outlines and slides for you who want to study the Bible and teach/preach the Word to others in your congregation. He was gracious to do so. If they help you in any way, I believe it would be kind of you to express your appreciation to Burt McKee on Facebook.


"A HIGHWAY WILL BE THERE "  [powerpoint slides] - by Burt McKee

"BLESSINGS AND GLORY FOR ISRAEL "    [powerpoint slides]

"CONQUERING SUBSTANCE ABUSE "    [powerpoint slides]

"GOD'S OATH TO HIS PEOPLE "    [powerpoint slides]

"IN THE DAY OF SALVATION I HAVE HELPED"   [powerpoint slides]

" MARRING FAMILY LIFE"    [powerpoint slides]

"MATTERS OF HEALTH "    [powerpoint slides]

"MEETING FAMILY NEEDS "   [powerpoint slides]

"NURTURING THE FAMILY "    [powerpoint slides]

"THE IMPORTANCE OF GENERATIONS "    [powerpoint slides]

"THE NOBILITY OF WORK "   [powerpoint slides]

"THE SUFFERING SERVANT OF GOD "    [powerpoint slides]

dated 04/27/2014