Some time ago a "parlor game" was introduced to a fellowship gathering in which participants "translated" Ephesians 4 and 5 from an Anglicized transliterated Greek version. I felt that it was fun and educational. Therefore, I want to use Hebrews 5 and 6 in a similar manner when I consider the "leaving the doctrine of baptisms."

I read where a Greek teacher felt strongly that if a person is to be a serious student of the Bible that he/she should study the original Greek. He doesn't propose this simply to increase his class numbers. Rather, he states that although learning Greek is not a "magic" means of super understanding the Bible, one can yet profit from a greater understanding and appreciation of the Bible.

Meditation. To me, it appears that David was a man after God's own heart because he, unlike rebellious King Saul before him, humbly sought to obey God. According to the first Psalm, David did this apparently through meditating on God's Law (Word). To meditate is to study and ponder upon a subject.

Years ago, a fad was to get a group of workers to "brainstorm" a problem to come up with workable solutions. The problem with this was that if all participants were ignorant of the subject, the only solutions from such discussions would be ignorant ones. An awareness of the original language should be a tool of appreciation for the Heavenly message to us.

Meanwhile, I invite you if you desire to visit the menu below. I have posted about 100 illustrations of words that were used in the first century by the apostles and Jesus that are used in our English today. The meanings in most cases are either identical or similar.


Examples of Greek words online that are actively used in the English language:

G45 G47 G52 G68 G129 G145 G165 G188 G191 G211 G263 G386 G499 G601 G627 G669 G746 G845 G846 G859 G907 G976 G1100 G1128 G1135 G1233 G1258 G1321 G1411 G1484 G1515 G1537 G1577 G1661 G1753 G1834 G1909 G1936 G2041 G2098 G2107 G2129 G2134 G2226 G2279 G2310 G2335 G2362 G2424 G2511 G2532 G2537 G2807 G2842 G2889 G2920 G3004 G3056 G3144 G3341 G3358 G3402 G3498 G3501 G3551 G3724 G3788 G3807 G3850 G3857 G3933 G4151 G4172 G4183 G4202 G4268 G4274 G4521 G4561 G4591 G4624 G4642 G4731 G4976 G5010 G5046-G5056 G5059 G5087 G5132 G5160 G5236 G5342 G5361 G5446 G5456 G5459 G5490 G5525
These words are accessible via this link:

It Is Greek To Me

Alphabetical list of English words Online developed from the Greek New Testament Manuscripts; New Testament Greek words with their English derivatives (and illustrated) by Gaylon West:


abundance account acme adorning aeon age agnostic agony agriculture agros akouo alabaster amarantos anastasia anchor antitype and aphesis aphiemi apocalypse answer apology apothegm arche auto- autopsy
baptize bear, borne beast beginning Bible biblos blessed blood
carry cathartic cene chasm chasma chorus church city cleanse completion corpse cosmos country crisis
dancing dead defense design diagnosis dialect didactic dox dunamis
echo ekklesia elephant elephantinos energy eon epi- epithesis ergo- eternal esthetics ethnic eudokias eulogy eunuch evangelism ex exceeding exegesis exercise eyes eye-witness
F ...


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